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FAQ - OPM 1203-FX

What is the purpose of OPM 1203-FX?
The purpose of OPM 1203-FX is to facilitate the timely payment of unemployment benefits. OPM 1203-FX is not designed to provide unemployment insurance for individuals. The use of OPM 1203-FX is limited to individuals who receive unemployment benefits for at least 30 consecutive days and are otherwise qualified to receive benefits; or any individual who has been ordered to pay child support or alimony or for nonpayment pursuant to an equitable division, or who is engaged in bankruptcy and who is entitled, upon petition of an attorney, child support or alimony and unpaid obligations are being monitored; or any individual, who is not eligible for unemployment benefits pursuant to the terms of a regular or special state employment program; or any other individual required under state law to be enrolled in an unemployment insurance service. Can an individual who is being investigated for potential fraud by an OPM worker be terminated before a final ruling exists? Generally no, an individual's employment may not be terminated before a final judgment is rendered against the individual as a result of the final investigative report, and the individual must be afforded the opportunity to respond to the final report and challenge the substantiated information under oath. In order for an employee to challenge the investigation conducted or conclusions reached, the individual must request an administrative hearing in conjunction with any action under 1202(f). I am a new employee. Are I allowed to use OPM 1203-FX during the investigation? Yes. OPM 1203-FX is provided to individuals to help expedite the timely provision of benefits as required in their individual agreements to provide such assistance pursuant to OPM 1202(f). I am being investigated by an OPM worker. Are the results of my investigation relevant? Investigation results are generally applicable to individuals who had the same conduct. Results are usually not relevantly applicable. May I use OPM 1203-FX during the investigation process? Yes. OPM 1203-FX may be used by OPM employees in the investigation of fraud or other illegal activities before any final determination in a case is made (such as when the decision to deny or grant an application is final). Once the investigation is complete, OPM employees using OPM 1203-FX may use the information to make timely decisions and provide claims to the individuals. Can OPM workers also use OPM 1203-FX for other reasons? Yes.
Who should complete OPM 1203-FX?
Anybody: Anyone who has completed OPM 1204, 1205 or 1206 Non-law enforcement personnel: All other personnel Law enforcement personnel: Officers with a state or national badge or badge number that requires a concealed pistol license to carry a concealed firearm (and, if the officer is armed, who are authorized as a security officer to perform duty in conjunction with an officer carrying a concealed pistol) Security officer(s): Federal law enforcement, military, and certain law enforcement and security personnel with an immediate need to protect themselves or important third parties from harm How is the OPM 1203-FX Exam Different from a Regular Classroom Exam? The OPM 1203-FX exam is no different from a regular classroom exam—except you must be able to demonstrate proficiency in the written portion of the exam. The written portion of the exam consists of: One 20-question multiple-choice mock test The following 30 questions from the final exam The written section of the exam is a self-paced exam. You must take the exam on a computer and, to successfully pass the exam, you must achieve a passing score of 70%. Your first attempt at the exam requires taking the test in a private test room under appropriate and safe operating conditions. Your next two attempts can be taken either in a regular classroom or by taking it in a private test room. No more than three attempts will be accepted from any applicant. You will be required to take two attempts at the exam. You may receive one additional attempt. When you take the exam by phone, you will be required to pay the 60. You may also purchase a written exam voucher for 40. You can take an exam at a different location than the one where you completed the written portion in previous school years. For example, if you are completing your first attempt in a classroom, you may take the exam at a new location (for example, a test center or private testing facility). However, you must show proof of being able to safely conduct the exam. For more information about testing locations, click here. If you are taking you test from a student testing center, you have the opportunity to review the content of the exam. Do I need to be a current or recent high school student to take OPM 1203-FX? No.
When do I need to complete OPM 1203-FX?
You must complete OPM 1136, OMB 1202, and OMB 1240 to maintain your security clearance. To be eligible for certain non-protected access categories (NPC and SMA), you must have completed OPM 1203-FX by December 30 of the calendar year before you want to receive the benefit until you complete the OPM 1203-FX by January 30 of the calendar year after that you want to receive the benefit. If you have not completed OPM 1203-FX by December 5, 2017, you will not be eligible to enroll in the program, and you will not be given the option to renew. Note that you will continue to be subject to security clearance eligibility requirements even after you complete OPM 1203-FX. You do need to complete OPM 1203-FX by the expiration date on the form as indicated on this schedule. You must complete it by the expiration date stated, even if you enroll during a window that might open earlier to allow you to renew. How does OPM 1203-FX differ from OPM 1136? In OPM 1203-FX, one of four security clearances is created: N/P, Security, Non-Security or Special. N/P status is for personal, non-classified employees only. N/P is not for contractors, government employees, or foreign government contacts (that is, for foreign nationals). Non-security employees (USE) are government contractors or foreign government contacts (EPIC) who are not granted N/P clearance. FBI status is granted to a non-government subcontractor for the sole purpose of carrying out work performed for an agency outside a USE's government contracting environment (i.e. outside the United States). EPIC status is granted to a foreign government contact (FGI) for the sole purpose of carrying out work performed for an agency outside a USE's government contracting environment (i.e. outside the United States). Special clearances are for Uses and Epics to share classified information outside the non-government contractors, FBI, and EPIC environments. Special clearances may be assigned to those with a demonstrated need for an additional level of security clearance. They are granted on a case by case basis if specific requirements are met. OPM is not involved in determining eligibility for Special Clearance at this time.
Can I create my own OPM 1203-FX?
While other Opus and a number of other OEMs have the ability to create their own OEM-style Opus (often for OEM use), the only option I could find for creating the OPM 1203-FX was a custom-made product from an outside supplier. I couldn't find that information anywhere online, so I contacted the manufacturer about this: The answer, from the company's owner, was that they aren't allowed to do any custom work on their own Opus, and that they have been instructed to supply the manufacturer with one of their Opus for custom installation. I have confirmed the information with the manufacturer and with the OPM 1203-FX owner. As far as OPM 1203-FX users can buy OEM-style replacements, the OPM 1203-FX is sold without custom hardware for 29.98, and the OEM-style hardware and cables are sold separately for 15.98. To install your OPM, the only way to do it is to order both hardware and cables. The OPM 1203-FX's a only way to differentiate itself from its OEM-style counterparts, is that there's a larger “T” logo on the right side of the unit's body — which I understand to be an option for some customers.
What should I do with OPM 1203-FX when it’s complete?
OPM 1203 FX is an individual security. As such you should follow your normal business activities, e.g. reporting to clients about events. Your company's lawyers should also know what to do with OPM 1203-FX. To receive the information, you must contact your employer or business. If your employer is unaware of this situation or did not provide details, contact your employer's human resources department or the company's legal department. You will need proof that you are an employee and must register with them. If the OPM has issued a new security number, then you should report any changes to your previous employer or business as soon as possible. If your employer issues a new security number, you should be able to get a new number from your company's IT system or online. Follow the link to check the status of your Security Number. Can I request a new security number? If you wish, you can request your security numbers by contacting your employer or the business that issued the number. You must provide the following information: Employer or business Security number Date of issue for any security number You cannot request an OPM security number from the company's IT System. All such requests must be made electronically by completing an online form available to all employees. Please send your completed form and supporting documents to the HR Department or the business's security department. Contact Information for Your Employer OCC's Office of the General Counsel OCC's Division of Consumer Protection Room 801A 500 Pennsylvania Ave. NW, Suite 4103 Washington, DC 20460 Tel: ext.
How do I get my OPM 1203-FX?
The OPM 1203-FX works in two modes, “single mode” and “multi-mode”. With “single mode” the system can only be loaded with one machine. The 1203-FX can load a total of 3 machines. The system will then “wake up” and load the machine(s) it needs. Each machine can be stored as multiple machine folders. The 1203-FX, as do all Opus, must be connected to a Windows XP SP2 computer to operate. After connecting the machine via DIN Rail, the driver can then be loaded and operate with no problems. Why does my system get “stuck” at the OPM screen? If your system is not seeing the “OPM 1203-FX” logo screen (and you are getting the generic “STOP” and “Halt” button), check the following: 1) Make sure that you are connecting the machine by cable. For example, connect the OPM 1203-FX to a router/modem in the same network. 2) Make sure that your system is properly powered on, and that it has at least 25% and a minimum of 30% of the battery remaining. To set this on your PC, in the Control Panel System Settings, click Power Options. The screen will look something like this: Click Change Power Settings in the Power Options screen on your PC. The screen will also look something like this: NOTE: If your computer does not automatically power up, but is rather turned on and off, such as with a network cable, this procedure must be done after turning your PC on to avoid problems. 3) Make sure that the serial number is correct. Click the System Diagnostic tab on the System Properties screen. The screen will look something like this: The system serial number begins with A, E, or L. If there is a D or T beside the number, this means “Data Cable” or “Internet Connection” is not recognized. This is not the case if the number is an L, an A, or an S. The 1203-FX will then see the Ethernet port that is connected to the PC. If you see this, press the Connect button or the button next to it on the console to enter the Setup wizard on your PC.
What documents do I need to attach to my OPM 1203-FX?
To submit the OPM 1203-FX Form 5500, you must attach a valid original or certified copy of the following: A valid copy of your work authorization letter Current passport, state-issued birth certificate, or current valid US military ID card Two recent (within seven (7) months) payroll stubs (or similar documents of an employee's current payroll and/or an employee's current earnings) or pay stubs (or similar documents of an employee's current payroll and/or an employee's current earnings) with at least the employee's name on them Copies of any other documents that demonstrate the existence and use of a U.S. SIN at the time of request Proof of employment or employer identification number (IN) OPM does not accept any documentation that does not meet these requirements. What if a business I worked for does not have a US SIN in the business record? The US SIN will be deleted from US SIN without affecting your ability to complete and file Form 5500 electronically. When will I get my Form 5500? OPM may send you your Form 5500 electronically or in paper form. You should receive your Form 5500 if you received a decision on Form 551-X within 60 days of your submission of your application. If you receive your Form 5500 by mail, you must return it to OPM. Please be sure to include your application materials, such as the employment letter and any other supporting documents.
What are the different types of OPM 1203-FX?
How should I register my OPM 1203-FX? What happens if my OPM 1203-FX fails to start? What happens if my OPM 1203-FX stops working (reached maximum capacity)? What do I do if my OPM 1203-FX stops working (reached maximum capacity)? How can I report a problem? How can I contact the OPM, if necessary? Is there a return/exchange policy? I don't agree to this OPM 1203-FX policy. I have already completed the OPM 1203-FX application. My computer does not meet the requirements for this OPM 1203-FX policy. I do not receive support, help, or technical advice while using this OPM 1203-FX software. You purchased the OPM 1203-FX software and/or service. You need to contact your supplier to determine whether a refund can be requested. Where can I download and learn more? How do I apply for a refund? I can't find my account number or my payment date if I use my credit card to purchase a program or use my credit card to apply for a refund. Can I change the application and/or use my credit card again to register my OPM 1203-FX? I have moved after purchasing this OPM 1203-FX software. Do I need to re-apply or re-verify the address on my application? I already downloaded the application. Is my credit card still charged? I'm a new or existing user.
How many people fill out OPM 1203-FX each year?
The number of federal employees in the civilian workforce is an important measure of the size of the federal workforce. The U.S. Department of Labor reports that during Fiscal Year 2012, the civilian workforce of the federal government comprised approximately 3.77 million employees. How much does OPM have to spend for personnel costs? OPM has annual appropriations for personnel costs, but these represent a small part of its total expenditures. As shown in the following chart, OPM's annual personnel spending represents less than 2 percent of its total spending. As a result, OPM can borrow funds, the cost of which is then passed onto the American taxpayer, to carry out its duties. How many employees have to be stationed at the main OPM site in Rockville Center, MD to process and provide services for their government-issued paychecks? Because of the wide variety among OPM employees, the staff in Rockville Center supports a variety of functions, including processing federal paychecks, processing benefits for federal employees, and providing customer service to federal employees. The following table lists the current staff working within OPM during FY 2013, along with estimated staffing needs. The number of employees and total staff is based on data released by OPM in the Federal Register. Number of Employees Estimated Current Staff 1,839 Payroll Budget 2.1 million Total Annual Staff Total Personnel Budget 6,500 Total Annual Personnel 1,837 Estimated Annual Budget 1,981,000 Total Expenditures 2,500 Total Expenditures 853,400 Estimated Monthly Personnel Expenses for FY 2013 US Office of Personnel Management Payroll and Personnel Records Office (OPM) Rockville, Md. 1,838,000 1.0 million 3.
Is there a due date for OPM 1203-FX?
There is no OPM 1203-FX due date yet. However, OPM 1203-FX is still being actively developed and is on track to be available to Federal Government agencies later this year. What is OPM 1203-FX? Purchasing a Cybersecurity Suite allows a Federal Agencies IT Operations Centers to more efficiently and easily conduct their day-to-day business on a secure network. This allows the agencies to reduce the overall complexity of IT operations and more efficiently manage the risks associated with their information technology infrastructure. How many Federal Agencies own Cybersecurity Suites? The Defense Information Systems Agency (DISA), the Office of Personnel Management (OPM), the Office of the Director of National Intelligence (ODI), the Department of Homeland Security (DHS), the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA), the Air Force Office of Special Investigations (AF OSI), as well as other Federal Agencies, have purchased Cybersecurity Suites. To determine the number of Federal Agencies that own Cybersecurity Suites, click here. Why are Federal Agencies buying Cybersecurity Suites? Federal Agencies typically require some level of security protection for their information technology assets in order to perform their duties. An added benefit of purchasing Cybersecurity Suites is that they provide greater protection to sensitive information and allow organizations to reduce the overall complexity of its information technology security infrastructure. Which Federal Agencies are purchasing Cybersecurity Suites? The first three Federal Agencies, the Defense Information Systems Agency (DISA), ODI (the Office of the Director of National Intelligence), and the Department of Homeland Security, have not purchased Cybersecurity Suites. Other Federal Agencies, including DHS, AF OSI, CIA, the FBI, as well as other intelligence community organizations (ICS), are expected to continue increasing their Cybersecurity Suites use over the next several months — to ensure a continuous flow of information out to Federal partners, such as their Federal partner-employees. DHS and AF OSI continue to conduct a thorough review of their purchasing policies and procedures, which should conclude by September 1st, 2014, and allow the organizations to plan their use of Cybersecurity Suites going forward.
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