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How important is it to fill the Supreme Court vacancy?
Important to whom? To conservatives it's very important. It won't quite cement their control of the court. They’ll be replacing Scalia, a far right justice, with another. for liberals the 4–4 situation means the lower courts• decision will stand, which may be good or bad from their point of view, but which will gave an impact limited to one Circuit and will prevent a conservative Court from making bad law. The next replacement, probably Ginsberg, Breyer, or Kennedy, will be the important one.
When renting out a property, do you believe renting with "Utilities included" helps to fill the vacancy faster?
If you want to rent your property fast then price it competitively. Period.You would be infinitely better off either making a better product (meaning renovate and add amenities to your rental house that none other in the area have) and charge market rent/slightly above or LOWER your price to increase quantity demanded and a greater pool of applicants.The second option usually optimal due to less capital outlay on the renovation and a greater pool of tenants to choose from. When you have a good quality tenant paying a good price but not top dollar, I have found they are less likely to complain and call in minor incidents expecting you to fix them. They are happy they’re getting a nice place at a good price.The opposite is true when you raise the rent as high as possible and renovate the property as nice as possible. You are still going to attract a high quality tenant but also one that is very picky and that will be making service calls often and expecting you to address each one.Oh and by the way, those calls are expensive.So long game you’re better off spending where it’s needed, the big ticket items and the ones that affect the structural functioning of the house, rather than spending big on the pretty things like new granite the best lighting fixtures etc in hopes of getting more money per month on rent. Long run runs more expensive.Those two ways are the best to get your unit leased quick.You paying for utilities makes way for tenants to be negligible with usage and more wasteful in my opinion because the repercussions to them aren’t there.It’s also almost impossible for you to control their usage. Except if you let them pay for it. So let them pay for it.Best of luck!-Andrew J. Matella
Is it illegal to make bots (automatic instructions) that fill out surveys, download apps, and plays them, all so it can earn me some gift cards or money?
I can tell you that a bot to fill out surveys will not work.How could it work?It would have to deal with captcha, typed answers and trick questions. Sometimes basic questions are asked twice, before and after survey. You cannot win.Website policies are governed by something called “terms of service”. When you register at a website and click that box, you are agreeing to rules the site list on the TOS page. It is highly recommended that all websites have a TOS (and privacy page). When you start a survey, you agree at the start to follow the rules.Please I want you to understand the difference as a citizen between criminal and civil offenses. Go to your country official pages to learn what that means. Some students learn this in school. A website is a new thing upon building and growth of the Internet. A website is a publication. The Internet is worldwide and covers many different laws and codes. Some rules are not laws but CODES or STATUTES. If you go online there is a document that you should read about “Netiquette”. This is correct online behavior that you should study for understanding.Illegal implies breaking a law where penalty is jail and or fine. It costs money to process law breakers (I hope you know this). So it is up to website security team to catch cheaters and ban them if caught. It is easy to block IP addresses. You can’t fake your personal data. A fake copy will not make any sense.For websites, it is scripts and the admin and team that enforce terms of service. They can catch you because when you surf the web from your computer or phone you send to the website your IP address. This appears in a record that records your visit complete with a set of your surfing details. (Did you know this?) When I go to raw stats on my web host, I can view the following for each visitor: browser, operating system, ISP, IP address, pages visited, referral page,You cannot cheat a survey because survey designers have found cheaters and can design it to stop it.The same goes for other earning methods. The admin knows. The admin rules. Don’t mess with web admin.There are many valid ways to earn online that do not involve tricks or time wasting methods. Your time is better spent doing it right. You will earn more and offer valuable service.
What's the best way to get users to read a set of instructions for filling out a form?
Your question confuses me a bit. What's missing is "WHY are the instructions displayed?" What makes them so important? More to the point, what makes them so important to the user?You say it's a simple form, but also say they must read the instructions before filling it out. If it's simple, what are all the instructions for? I haven't seen the form and already I'm confused.People will do things if they understand (and agree with) the purpose for doing them. If they don't understand the need for the instructions (e.g. because the form appears to be simple), you'll have a hard time getting users to read them (they won't see the need).My suggestion would be to take a step back from the design a bit and look at the form's purpose. If the instructions are to minimize data entry errors, look for ways in your design to do that and eliminate an instruction or two. For example, do real-time validation of things like zip codes, phone numbers, usernames, and anything else your web page can do.If the instructions are to educate the user on some specific process, look at the process to see if it can be made simpler or more obvious such that it doesn't need any explanation.Finally, don't forget user testing--ask some potential (or representative) users what they think works for them.
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