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Hi I'm Todd Florsheim and I'm with OPM's recruitment policy and outreach team today I'm going to walk you through the steps that are required to find and apply for jobs in the federal government the topics that we're going to discuss involve searching for federal jobs creating your account and profile managing your account reviewing job opportunity announcements submitting applications and following up on your application status so let's start with where to look USAJOBS is the federal government's official source for federal jobs and employment information this is the USAJOBS home page where you can search for jobs that are relevant to your skills education and experience now while agencies do their own recruiting and hiring USAJOBS consolidates most of those opportunities into one online tool for you the job seeker openings are advertised through job opportunity announcements or je OAS which is what the government calls a job posting jobs are only open for a specified period of time known as the open period and that's determined by each individual agency and will be clearly stated in the job opportunity announcement for this training we'll be utilizing the advanced search option that you can find in the center of this page the advanced search helps you to focus your search and find the specific jobs that you're interested in one of the nice things about the advanced search option is that you have the opportunity to search through the jobs without having to create an account should you find a job you are interested in you will have to create an account in order to apply for it as you can see on this page you have many different ways to begin your search such as keyword title or series in this example the word accountant has been inserted into the title search block to look for accountant positions you can further narrow your search if you know the salary range or pay grade that's acceptable to you we selected pay grade gs-11 through gs-14 for this example you can also search by location this can be as broad as worldwide or nationwide or you can reduce it down further by state or local once you've made your selection click the Add button for our example we've used all California if you are interested in specific federal agencies you can also use the agency search option to select the ones you want using multiple search criteria helps you focus your job search as you move to the last portion of the search you'll notice a section called occupational series the occupational series is a four digit code that the federal government uses to group jobs if you know the specific code you're looking for scroll through and select it if you're unsure feel free to look through the list and select as many as you like on the right hand side of the screen there is a section called applicant eligibility be sure to read and.