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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing national park service occupational questionnaire

Instructions and Help about national park service occupational questionnaire

Okay today is April 24th 2021 this is Trent Berkman a director of the Kentucky folk life program and this is a recording recorded interview that has to do with the Library of Congress American Folklife Center Ranger lore project that John K from Indiana University and I are working on and I'm here talking to Park Rangers at Mammoth Cave and could you could you tell me your name and your your position here my name is Josh Clemons I'm a law enforcement Park Ranger with the National Park Service at Mammoth Cave National Park so I've been asking the kind of a basic question Josh about how you may be connected either to the Park Service or you know what got you into this line of work and we usually start from there my connection with the National Park Service actually started before I was born my parents met at Chickamauga National Battlefield and from there started a courtship and we're married I came along and a couple of sisters thereafter and we grew up in the national parks going on vacations we've been all over out west we've been the parks in the Northeast and that's that's how we vacationed as a family and so from a very early age I developed a connection with the parks and knew from that time that I wanted to be a park ranger was it did you go to state parks and federal parks we did we spent time in state parks national parks national forests so on all different types of public land so the type of Ranger is the job you do now did you know at an early age that you want to do work in your current law enforcement area I can remember riding around on Cades Cove and the Smokies with my parents and writing writing down tag numbers of people who were feeding feeding bears and deer and and breaking the breaking the rules at that time and then giving that in from - Park Rangers and I knew from an early early point in my my development and I wanted wanted to work in emergency services in high school I was a volunteer firefighter and became involved in not only firefighting but emergency medical training at that time and and that just continued on through college and into my career - the Park Service yeah that's one of the things that I've been asking - and you started in on it I mean you've had this love for law enforcement for the parks you kind of knew that this path was for you so you started to either volunteer or work toward this trajectory so where did it go after that how does a person get into further into it so I grew up very close to Stones River National Battlefield which is in Murfreesboro Tennessee and I went to college at Middle Tennessee State University started volunteering there in 1998 and.