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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing usa jobs in jacksonville fl

Instructions and Help about usa jobs in jacksonville fl

A warehouse wave is crashing under the shores of the River City more warehouses are being developed and built throughout Jacksonville than we've seen well I think in history joining me now to talk about the benefits the editor of the Jacksonville Daily Record Karen Bruni Mathis hey Karen good to have you here so we're talking about what something like a dozen projects that we know about at least at least and a lot of these just surfaced in the past few weeks these developers they see that we have a very low vacancy rate and people need warehouses anytime you buy something from the store or online those goods have to go somewhere before they go into into your car and your shopping cart so I think the number you gave us was something like five point seven point five million square feet of warehouse space but but more importantly than that you know all that space means they need people to fill that space and jobs that's right that's right if you look at Amazon that's a million square feet that'll give you kind of an idea and they have a thousand jobs at Amazon no that doesn't mean every warehouse is going to have you know that ratio of jobs but there are some especially fulfillment centers which we probably will get more of who do need a lot of people to run those items speaking of that there's and I read it in the Daily Record Wayfair may be looking at a spot nobody'll confirm it well wait fair isn't saying anything but they're hiring and so whenever you're hiring for a warehouse manager and warehouse personnel you kind of think something's going on in the city so sometimes it's not what you say it's what you don't say what makes Jacksonville so attractive right now for these warehouse developers well right now it's location if you are in Jacksonville you can get throughout the southeast in just a few hours or within a day's time or within eight hours and a lot of these fulfillment centers want to be where they can get to someone's house if they need to very quickly and Amazon is driving that and we've got the port we've got rail we've got logistics trucking so we've got all those things what does this mean for the City of Jacksonville well it means several things first of all as you said jobs it means jobs it also means capital investment because it costs money to build these projects and they pay taxes so that means you have the capital investment that adds to the tax rolls you also see out-of-town investors coming in to do a lot of this and that means people see Jacksonville is a good place to take a risk okay so these are mostly blue-collar jobs to these blue-collar jobs in some way lead to white-collar jobs down the road and maybe enhanced downtown oh.