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What's the worst school assembly you have ever experienced?
Okay. Grab a long-term food supply, a jar or container to store urine, a couple gallons of water, and a bag full of clothes, because man, have I got a story to tell.So way back (actually like one year ago) in eighth grade, our school was having some bullying issues. Honestly, it wasn’t even that bad, but I feel like a bunch of parents must have blown it way out of proportion. So our school decided to have an assembly. (yaaay!)They hired this dude that was probably getting paid minimum wage, and trapped us in the auditorium for an hour and a half. This….this….atrocity of a person was wearing a neon wig. We were off to a bad start. They talked about hurting others feelings, and “muting” the bullies. Honestly, they tried to help, but actually all our school did was make it worse. Keep in mind, we were like, fourteen, and the dude was speaking to us like we were Kindergarteners.Honestly, it was probably the cringiest thing I’ve ever witnessed.So it all took a turn for the worst when the person asked for volunteer speakers. He asked the assembly what anti-bullying advice they’d like to share, and calls up two people.Now, the first guy goes up to the microphone, and shakily says something lame. Okay, that’s what I would do if I were in his shoes.But then, the second one goes up to the microphone….….And starts hurling obscenities at the speaker. Yeah, If I told you the stuff he said, it would sound like freaking Morse code.Beep beep beepbeep beep beep beepbeep beepbeep beepbeepbeep…. You get the idea.Yeah, a bunch of teachers had to remove him from the auditorium, and I think he got in a ton of trouble.The speaker was a bit-okay, very much- shaken up, and did a horrible job after that. I hope he doesn’t go back to that school this year.Poor guy :(Thanks for reading,Cira
What is the total number of federal applications, documents, or forms from all the departments of government that US citizens are required by law to fill out?
I am not an American. But it would depend on the person's circumstances. How much do they earn? If you earn little then you don't need to file a tax return. How do they earn it? Self employed or employed?Do they travel? You need a passport.How long do they live? - if they die after birth then it is very little. Do they live in the USA?What entitlements do they have?Do they have dialysis? This is federally funded.Are they on medicaid/medicare?.Are they in jail or been charged with a crime?Then how do you count it? Do you count forms filled in by the parents?Then there is the census the Constitution which held every ten years.
My parents won't pay for my college. How can I save enough money to pay if I'm halfway through junior year?
First, if you live in the USA: the US Federal government, all of the state governments and all of the colleges firmly believe that the Primary responsibility for paying for student’s bachelors degree is with the Parents.Period.However, because your parents refuse to pay and one Must assume they will refuse to fill out the FAFSA forms you are essentially screwed.If your family is dirt poor, but your parents and you filled out the FAFSA forms, over four years you could get (roughly):$24,000 in Pell GrantsYou could borrow $27,000 from the Federal direct loan programAnd if you were to be admitted to an elite Private US university, many of those universities will Give you up to Full Financial Aid.However, if your parents refuse to pay anything and refuse to fill out the FAFSA forms, then you get Zip. Even if you were admitted to MIT, Stanford or Harvard, you would get Nothing and have to pay over $280,000 over four years, where as those colleges could make that ZERO if you had filled out the FAFSA forms with your parents.So, sit down with your parents, tell them all of this, then thank them for Nothing, and then go down to the US Navy or US Air Force recruiter and enlist.All the best.
Why are teddy bears more strictly regulated than guns?
As someone who has been published in The Huffington Post, I can tell you that it is a hard left (very liberal) paper. What they are reporting here isn't news. They are, instead, advocating under the guise of news. For what it's worth, this isn't me claiming this. Allsides did a pretty good job of evaluating them: Huffington Post. I'm not saying that HuffPo is a terrible paper, run by terrible people. Instead, you should remember that what you've just read is a public service announcement.Teddy Bears are more carefully regulated? You're kidding, right? This doesn't even pass on first glance. I doubt anyone who understands gun control could argue that teddy bears are more regulated.Do they regulate how big of a teddy bear you can buy? Do they tell you that you can buy a black teddy bear, but not a silver one? Do you have to wait ten days to pick up a teddy bear you've already paid for? Can you be arrested because the laws about teddy bear configurations have changed, and you didn't know? No? No need to keep abreast of the TONS of teddy bear legislation? Surprising. Be careful crossing state lines with your Teddy Ruxpin. You have no idea how New Jersey will react. Or New York. Or California. Firearms are far more regulated than just about anything, probably up to and including pharmacology.And, I should point out, this is all to regulate a constitutionally protected right which is never supposed to be infringed.Teddy Bears are regulated only in their manufacture. You, as a citizen and consumer don't have to worry about anything. On the other hand, as a gun owner, you constantly have to be on guard. I don't disagree with the necessity of this, but I do laugh at the outrageous assertion that it is otherwise.So all that being said, let’s look at what the Illinois Counsel Against Gun Violence has to say: Ah. They listed maybe three dozen lines of laws regulating teddy bears and one law which hits guns. Well. That’s pretty damning.Except for one thing. The federal government, per our constitution, doesn’t regulate guns. Not that it really doesn’t, mind you. It just isn’t supposed to.So here’s the rub! Let’s look at all 50 states• laws regarding teddy bears:ZERO.Let’s look at just California state laws regarding guns:Well• I would, but I’m not sure that Quora could handle it. In fact, it’s such a byzantine set of laws, they have an entire governmental department (the Bureau of Firearms) to regulate it. There are laws on the books regarding just about everything concerning firearms.To sum things up, teddy bears aren't more heavily regulated. Nothing of the sort. But maybe they should be. You have no constitutional right to a teddy bear.
What would happen if I walked into a bank to deposit $1 million dollars in cash? Do most banks have machines that do the counting?
A couple things would ensue if you just walked into a bank ready to deposit $1 million into your account.First, the teller would probably need a couple seconds to realize you legit just brought a million bucks to a bank. Second, after he/she got themselves together and stopped dreaming about all the things they could do with all that money, their suspicion level would go way, way up. Normal businessmen or rich people don't usually just deposit a whole million into their account. Most people with that much money on hand have separate banks, so you already look like a guilty amateur.However, if you pra reasonable explanation on why you have so much money and why you want to deposit it in the bank, 9/10 times (granted you plan on doing this 10 times) the banker will just laugh while he/she deposits the money, and when you leave the bank will file a suspicion report to the U.S. Treasury. From there, the treasurey will ever so silently start tracking your every dollar and see where it goes to. Now that your money is under 24/7 surveillance, any illegal transaction will result in a manhunt to have you tracked down and arrested, and then the FBI/Treasury would seize the money from the bank. BUT, if it's all LEGAL money that you saved since you were a wee-boy up to where you are now, and simply just feel like depositing the entire million into your account, that's 100% fine and nothing will occur other than a raised eyebrow.However, there is the slight chance that the banker/teller decides not to allow the deposit. Two things will happen here:1. They will call the police. Then the police will literally arrest the money, not you but actually the money, until you can prove the money is yours. While this is not common protocol in any means, it can happen.2. The teller or banker will simply "delay" the deposit until a "higher-up" can verify it being legit. From a former high-end bank teller:"I have personally been delayed awaiting manager approval for (non-cash) transactions in the 200K range -- on such occasions, the teller used a particular subtle phrasing which seemed to connote 'This is not an illegal or questionable transaction, it's okay for you (manager) to approve.'"You see, the bank only really gets suspicious if you aren't paying in cash. If you pay such a high amount through check and it bounces, the bank very well could go bankrupt.So if you want to deposit a million bucks, to avoid most suspicion, deposit in CASH, make sure you have documentation proving its your cash and you obtained it legally (i.e. taxes are documented as paid, etc.) and you aren't wearing torn pants and a dirty shirt when you go to make the deposit.In conclusion, the most likely thing to happen is just some raised eyebrows and a report the Treasury ... If you look the part and pay with cash. But really, everything stated above could happen.
What is one thing you think will solve many problems in American politics?
Some have been stated beforeThe only ONE thing that would do the most is to toss all the elected officials out, don’t allow them to run again, and elect people whose only agenda is to run a sane and fiscally responsible government. But that won’t happenThe objective is to take away the financial incentives that elected officials have foisted on the public and to make the press and candidates accountable to the truth.term limits - no more than 2 consecutive terms for any senator or congressman- They could be re-elected after being out of office for one term. We need representatives that know how the laws work and which are needed. We don’t need people who know how the system works and who have learned to work the systemdo not allow pork-barrelling (I’ll vote for your bill if you add this)Get rid of their high salary and their health care and retirement perks. They should not be more entitled that Joe Public to special treatment. They should live with the laws they pass and their earnings as elected officials would do no more for them than the earnings of Joe Public does for him. No paid offices, no paid staff, no bodyguards after they leave office.No new spending without having a way to spend itoverhaul the tax systemHave them submit to the same type of scrutiny that they put Kavanaugh through. If at a later time it is found out they lied, then they automatically get terminated.Make it illegal for them or their family to accept any gifts or loans from anyone with political interests. Not even a paid for meal or as a speaker to their event. Automatic termination for the smallest violation.Make it illegal for them to take a job as a lobbyist until 5 years after they leave office.Make laws requiring the press to tell the truth without ignoring some of the facts. If they are found to have “spun” the news, fine the news organization and suspend the reporter or talking head for one month without pay. Also, charge them for free airtime for candidates to present their platform which would accrue until election year. That time and fine and pay would all be used to fund the campaign time.get rid of political campaigns. Each candidate would get the same number of free airtime to present their case and answer questions posed by opponents. This would be paid for by the fines and penalties against news networks and advertisers just like any other TV or Radio show. Everything would be fact-checked and liars and exaggerators would be called out and be disqualified. There would have to be a system in place so that not everyone who thought they were capable could run. Maybe an initial test on whether they understood the law? And so many signatures? That would be the biggest challenge. Or to have each political party decide which candidate to run. And independent could run with enough signatures.Candidates would have to present the full truth on their literature and websites. They would have to accurately reveal the problems with their opponent's platform.when a candidate makes a promise before an election, they would put a time frame on it. If they do not accomplish it in that time frame, they step down regardless of office. This would prevent them from making promises to get votes and would let voters know when to expect the results. The candidate should be able take opposition into account when making those promises. Candidates should tell how they intend to prevent the promises of one another.
How many things can you name (without looking at the link) that are more difficult to purchase in Florida than guns are (and does that situation make any sense to you)?
I can name no items because no other consumer product in the United States requires FBI approval to purchase and take home beforehand.Let me repeat that: Guns are the only consumer product in the USA that requires Federal government permission to be obtained prior to taking possession of it.The article conflates lack of licensing and registration with age limits and showing ID, both of which apply to guns as well as cold medicine. I don’t recall going into any pharmacy in the USA and having to fill out a Federal drug background check form checking to see if I’ve been convicted of possession before buying Sudafed.The linked article is a classic example of the exemplary fact-checking and integrity that passes for journalism these days.
How can the Democrats reconnect with rural voters?
I’m seeing a lot of answers that seem to first put out the notion that the Democrats need to stop catering to “…pay people to not work and give away other peoples earnings…”Last time I looked. As a New Yorker, born and Bred. Middle Class. College Educated but PROUD to call myself ‘Working Class’….I notice that a lot of RED states that are so angry about welfare……ARE THE MAJORITY RECIPIENTS OF WELFARE IN ALL ITS FORMS.And you know what? I don’t begrudge MY TAX DOLLARS going to my fellow Americans who are in Need. And I say that as a Black American and as a REAL Conservative Card-carrying Rockefeller Republican.Number 1• Red Staters and Rural people need to STOP with this Norman RocFantasy that puts them at the Center of all that’s good and the rest of us as worthless roaches.Because what you are really asking for is for the FEDERAL GOVERNMENT to open it’s wallet to YOU.The FEDERAL GOVERNMENT’s Wallet is filled with Tax Money from ALL OF US. And the MAJORITY of us Tax Payers are in the URBAN AREAS. We are the People, your Fellow Citizens, who actually CHOOSE to live in areas with HIGHER Taxes. We are JUST as REAL Americans as You are. So stop with the ‘Heartland of America• crap.Really…stop spitting on the hand that’s being held out to you.Number 2• The Economic Situation you are now facing has been brought down on you by the decisions of the CEO’s and Boards of Directors of the Corporations and Companies that DECIDED that they NO LONGER NEEDED YOU.The Federal Gov’t, Urban Dwellers and Poor People on Welfare did not destroy the Mill.The Mill Company decided that Operations was more profitable elsewhere…like Brazil or Canada.The Federal Gov’t, Urban Dwellers and Poor People on Welfare did not destroy the Old Factory.The Factory Company decided that Operations was more profitable elsewhere and Left You...for Asia. For Mexico. For China.And PS• It was the Current Day Republicans who wrote the TAX LAWS that make it Financially Feasible for Corporations to CONTINUE to do this. Hello, Rural Staters: I’m Talking about the Tax Reform Law of 2018!The Federal Gov’t, Urban Dwellers and Poor People on Welfare did not destroy the Old Mine.The Mining Company played the Mine out and Moved On. Unfortunately, Your Town could not pick up and follow them. But they left behind the slag pools that no-one can force them to clean up. And PS• The Mining Company is still Quite Alive and Well…in South America.A Lot of the Old Economic Engines of Small Town America was founded on EXTRACTIVE Industries: Coal, Lumber, Mining, Oil, Fracking etc. The problem with Extractive Industries is that they’re great…until they no longer have anything to extract at a reasonable Price-point.Even TODAY…the Fracking Boom is Great for those small towns up in the Dakotas…until the Fracking Field is played out. Then the Company MOVES. But the Employees and the Town that flourished around that field are still stuck there…except now they got more unemployed men and women & children with no income and nowhere to go.Again• The Federal Gov’t, Urban Dwellers and Poor People on Welfare had NOTHING to do with it.The Person to Blame is the OWNER of the Fracking Company. Except you can’t blame him because he only exercised a valid capitalist business decision.It is NOT his problem that that very Small Town grew into a BIGGER Town because of his Operations. He is not REQUIRED to STAY THERE.AGRICULTURE is undergoing the same changes in AUTOMATION and AGGLOMERATION. The Norman Rocage of the Small Family Farm is DEAD.It’s not just the Big AgriCorps. It’s your neighbor- the Tech Farmer - who’s running remote tractors across several hundreds of acres in different parts of the county…ALL FROM HIS BUSINESS DEN next to his Livingroom. He doesn’t need to hire twenty hands per barn like his Great Granddad did.It’s the Old Farmer who STOPS Farming and instead rents his land to a WindFarm Corp. Yeah, the Windfarm Corp…they’ll hire and train Technicians…but they ain’t gonna hire the Entire TOWN.Again• The Federal Gov’t, Urban Dwellers and Poor People on Welfare had NOTHING to do with it.Or do you want to suddenly have the FEDERAL GOVERNMENT (The One you hate) somehow FORCE the Company owner to Stay there and continue to Pay you?Because that’s what you are vaguely demanding. You are DEMANDING that the FEDERAL GOVERNMENT Force CAPITALIST Companies to GIVE YOU JOBS.Or Barring that…you want the FEDERAL GOVERNMENT to open up the Assistance Programs spigot…with OUR TAX Dollars…while spitting in our faces • to help you?The ANSWER to this Changing Economic Age STARTS with Rural and Small Town Voters facing the REALITY. STOP Voting In again and again, the same Old Style Politician who makes you feel good by BLAMING people like ME in Brooklyn NY for your Problems…while promising, somehow, MAGICALLY, to bring the OLD INDUSTRIES your father remembers Back to The Future.Here in Brooklyn, I had a GREAT Summer Job when I was in College: I SHOVELED SUGAR at the Domino Sugar Factory on the South Brooklyn Bank of the East River. They paid Union Wages at Time and Half for me to break my back and risk life and limb on the night shift in the Raw Sugar Bins with the Rats and the Roaches back in 1979. It was more money than I’d ever seen in my entire life. Even my Mom joked that maybe she should quit her Hospital Job and get on the train with me.THAT Refinery is now Million dollar condos. Those Union Jobs are GONE FOREVER. Domino’s NEW Refineries are Smaller, cleaner and AUTOMATED. Where the old Factory employed LEGIONS of workers in 24 hr shifts such that the Refinery Parking Lot had it’s OWN TRAFFIC LIGHT…Workers who only needed to graduate from High School to get a good paying Working Class job.The New ones …walking past them you probably wouldn’t even notice people actually worked there. And the people who DO work there…they have to have Technical Skills…NOT just a High School Diploma.But the rest of the People who need jobs are STILL HERE.In short• This New Economic Age is affecting ALL OF US.We will need SMART Leaders both at the Local, the State, and the Federal Levels to think OUTSIDE of the Old Rightwing, Leftwing Boxes to get us past this dangerous curve without going over the cliff.Donald Trump is NOT that person. I state that as a Lifelong Republican.And we will need to face the REALITY that whatever that solution is: It won’t Help ALL OF US 100%. There will be NO Magical Solution. There will be TRADE-OFFs, and there will be losers. We are the point where the Question is what kind of Economy we can build for our Children and our Grandchildren.But again…I stress it: This notion that Liberals and Urban people are only about “…pay people to not work and give away other peoples earnings…”STOP IT. JUST STOP IT.Stop spitting at the collective hand that’s being held out to you. We Did not Cause your Current Problems.
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