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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing where to find occupational questionnaire on usajobs

Instructions and Help about where to find occupational questionnaire on usajobs

We'll be speaking to you today about category rating and the policy associated with that first I'd like just to say that we will be entertaining questions but please hold them until the end hopefully most of your questions will be addressed through our presentation but again we will answer all questions both via email and for those of you in the studio at the end of the presentation if you do have questions and will be emailing them please email them to the following address fed class at that's f e d c l a s s at okay let's begin what is category rating well first and most important is part of the competitive examining process it is an alternative ranking and selection procedure and it was authorized under the chief human capital officers Act of 2021 it is optional you may use when you rank and select the traditional numerical ranking and selecting precede selection procedures typically known as the rule of three or you may use these alternative category rating ranking and selection procedures what is the purpose of it why do we have it because it increases the number of eligible candidates from which a selecting official can choose while still preserving veterans preference rights how our applicants ranked applicants who meet the basic qualification requirements established for the position and whose competencies and or KSA's have been assessed with an assessment tool are ranked and they're ranked by being placed in one of two or more categories that have been predefined instead of being ranked by individual numeric score order how is selection done the names of all the eligible candidates in the highest quality category are referred on the certificate of eligibles to the selecting official for consideration without regard to the rule of three the selecting official the hiring manager is allowed to select from among the candidates in the highest quality category instead of being limited to just three names preference eligibles are listed ahead of non-preference eligibles within each quality category and there's absolute veterans preference within each quality category there are some general policy requirements that must be followed to implement category rating one is that agencies must define the quality categories prior to announcing the job there must be at least two quality categories most agencies seem to use three but two or three or there can be more of it typically it's two or three you may not establish a not qualified category and that's because applicants who meet the basic qualification requirements that have been established for the position will be placed in a quality category to use category rating an agency must have a category rating policy established what should be in the policy the policy should identify requirements for implementing category rating in the agency and it should include such things as the type of positions for which category rating can be used and by this we mean some agencies may.