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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing usa hire login

Instructions and Help about usa hire login

Once logged into USA staffing your dashboard will display tasks requests and new hires pages the system provides users with three options to access new hires records the first option is to access the new hire by process owner click on the new hires tab information for status office customer and process owner include a drop down menu to find your new hire always search by all statuses all offices all customers and the name of the process owner the process owner is often the Human Resources specialist who assisted management with the selection once all areas are identified the new hire records show at the left side of the page in alphabetical order scroll down to locate the new hire if the new hire is not listed ensure all statuses is selected this should fix majority of the issues if not the second option is to access the new hire by last name select all statuses all offices all customers and all owners the system is often slow once the screen shows all owners you should be able to type the new hires last name and hit enter on the keyboard to search for the record you can search by name or start date DFAS hrs recommendation is to always search by last name the new hire record is now available and listed on the left side of the page if still not found the third option is to access the new hire from the dashboard tasks tab your name will be listed as a task owner select all statuses all offices and select the specific task to search for example if you are doing in processing orientations you may want to select verify the new hire arrived for their first day of duty once selected a full name of new hires shows on the left side of the page to access the new hires record double click on the task with the name once the record is open continue the navigation to complete tasks or any other activities in the system Music.