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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing how do i submit the occupational questionnaire on usajobs

Instructions and Help about how do i submit the occupational questionnaire on usajobs

Make sure it is indeed my pleasure to join you all today and talk about a very very very important topic hiring authorities in flexibilities something that should always be of interest and concern to us whether it's whether it's meeting mission-critical needs or closing skills gaps or trying to make good on presidential hiring initiatives just keeping the you know keeping the wheels of government going we need to bring people on board we need to get them in we need to get them in quickly and expeditiously so we're going to talk today about different strategies or different means for how you can do that so I just want to mention a few things no doubt we have many many many listeners out there maybe some employees maybe some folks in field HR offices and whatnot and of course headquarters policy folks we're going to cover a lot of ground it's not going to be everything there is to know about federal hiring there's a lot of a lot of technical stuff and it's it can be very very nuanced so you know the good news is we have a lot of information on the OPM website extensive information all of this stuff is described in the federal regulations and in much more depth and of course OPM is always ready to assist people so if anybody after this session or because of this session I should say has any questions or specifics or follow-ups or maybe something we didn't cover or something that you know triggered a question or an issue if you're out in if you're an employee talk to your HR office if you're a field you know HR person please talk to your headquarters and if your headquarters folks can't help you they'll come over and check with us so that's just a little bit about how we operate in the the broader structure so let's let's get down to it before we start talking about the actual hiring authorities and flexibilities I want just to give everybody the big picture of you know the federal landscape just so-so when we talk about terms like you know non-competitive conversion and accepted service everybody has a general idea at least of what we're talking about so this is this is how it is in the executive branch we generally speaking we have three classes of service we have what is called the competitive service we have what is called the accepted service and of course we have what is called the senior executive service for the purposes of today's session we're just going to focus on the competitive service and the excepted service ok the competitive service is where many of us end up back in the day we may have come through the competitive hiring process and some folks may remember you know when OPM did the competitive examining and and you know what not that was all done through the competitive hiring.