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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Occupational status questionnaire

Instructions and Help about Occupational status questionnaire

Hi guys today I want to talk to you about using the recruit spot plugin when filling out a new questionnaire to begin when you fill out a new questionnaire using the Kreutz pop plug-in you'll see it several fields auto fill in that questionnaire the fields that are going to auto fill are all of the fields you see in your left-hand column of your recruit spot profile so please make sure that you go through this column and you add any new information that you would like to to add or edit a field simply click the blue pencil right here once you've gone in you've filled in everything in that left-hand column you're now ready to submit a new questionnaire head on over to the questionnaire that you were sent at the top of the form click sign-in now all you have to do is sign in with the credentials that you created when you made your recruit spot account once signed in you'll see that all of the fields that on your left-hand column of your profile have automatically filled in in this questionnaire that still leaves a lot of the fields blank because you know this questioner has some fields unique to what's in your profile so please simply go through those and fill in any extra fields that you would like to once you're done click Submit and you'll see that the questionnaire has now been saved to your recruit spot profile have you head back to your profile and refresh it BAM there's a new questionnaire and you're now welcome to edit or update any information within that questionnaire.


How can I find NGOs employees to fill out my questionnaire?
You can get employees at shelters, places of worship, education centers, centers for non-discrimination, job banks,food banks, resource centers, legal aid offices, and many more. I don’t know where you live so I can’t be specific.
Where can I find some business people to fill out this questionnaire for my SPSS project? Questionnaire [Smartphone]
Nope buddy! Quora is not the correct place to get the Survey answers.You want participants for your Survey Questions. I would suggest go to an online website like (www.thinksurvey.co) ThinkSurvey . Participants from across India visit the website and can fill surveys which you ask.Give it a try. And let me know if it works out for you.
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